The sub-dealer’s role are as follows: 

1. Register new LoadCentral retailer accounts 
2. Dispense initial LoadCentral credits (or load wallets) 
3. Monitor sales levels of retailers 
4. Monitor and replenish load wallet levels of retailers

Subdealer Registration is fast and easy but before you register, please read and take note the following information

It is important that you provide us a valid email address. Additional instructions and information will be send to your email.

Loadcentral Subdealer Registrations are bound to our Service Terms & Conditions.

Newly registered LoadCentral Subdealer needs to change passwords  immediately after a successful registration. For security purposes, LoadCentral’s system automatically locks all newly registered accounts that have not yet changed their default passwords. SMS (FL) and webtool (SL) passwords should not be the same. 

When your application request is processed, you will receive the following text message.

Congratulations You are now a Subdealer of 639xxxxxxxxx. Your password is 123456. To change, type- CHANGEPW, send to LoadCentral SMS Access Number.

These are the Loadcentral SMS Access Numbers:
Main SMS Center gateway
 – 09229990214
Back-up access numbers  – 09209456856
09209456857, 09178662418, 09228504340,

 If you wish to change your password through SMS, create new message and type CHANGEPW and send it to the official LoadCentral Access Numbers. You can also change your password through internet by logging into the LoadCentral webtool. Please note that your password must be a 6-digit alphanumeric, full alpha or full numeric characters.

FL – First Level password (sms password) – can be changed via SMS only.

SL – Secondary Level password (webtool password) – can be changed via webtool using your internet browser.